Monday, October 3, 2011

4-0! I am a LION, hear me ROOAAAR!!

What a night, what a night!! There was one loss I was not going to be able to handle last night and that is my home squad, the Detroit Lions losing to the Dallas Cowboys.
Living in the Charlotte area and being in a building that subjects me to Time Warner Cable only, I really don't get to see my home teams much unless I go to a sports bar or to someone's house that has a sports package. I was not going to miss this game. Lucky for me there's a sports bar downstairs from me. I walk in with my Detroit Tigers gear on in support of the Tigers being in the MLB playoffs and playing the Yankees, the same day. I look around for a TV with the Lions game on and I don't see anything. I turn to the bartender and he tells me it's the one over to the corner. You have your own section, he says smiling. No problemo, I liked it that way.
I really wasn't nervous in the first quarter, I wasn't even nervous going into the second quarter. I kept thinking of last week’s game when the Lions came back from 0-20 and defeated the Minnesota Vikings, in Minnesota, that's what I kept in my head. I didn't waiver...until the beginning of the third and we were still struggling. Panthers fans all around me are yelling at their TV because it looked like the Bears were up to their same, cheating antics. Me, I'm glued, leaning back with both my hands on my head and we're now 3-27. I text a good friend and he says, "There are two halves"...he was right, because between me following the Sportcaster commentary on my cell, Tweeting and Facebooking my nine cents worth, now I’m a little freaked out. I ask for a little help from the Sports Gods in the fourth quarter and I got it just in time and just like that, thanks to Megatron and Stafford the Detroit Lions defeat the Cowboys at the Cowboys own amusement park 34-30 and are now 4-0. The announcers are baffled...but why??
While Dallas may be a good squad, Tony Romo, in my opinion is an overrated QB and the Lions again, in my opinion, are the better overall team. So okay, they haven't been 4-0 since I was the age of... okay, never mind! But they're doing it now! And I am a PROUD Detroit Lioness. Two weeks in a row they come back and win huge games AWAY. The credit is theirs. However, I will say that the Lions need to start coming out and handling business early. “We” play Chicago next week, and I/ THEY need a win to make up for that game Chicago stole from “us” last year.

Side note: I want these announcers/ sport analysts to stop referring to Dallas as the big D. There is ONLY one (1) D, please do not get it twisted, and that is Detroit! And what's with the D on the Dallas folks hats---CUT THAT OUT!!! I'm glad the Detroit Lions got the last laugh, in their face and on their home turf!!! Dallas is clearly "d"elusional and need to find their own i"d"entity! :)

BTW: Tigers beat Yankees 5-3!! It was a great day for Detroit sport fans!!! CHEERS!


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