Sunday, October 2, 2011

Do Eagles Fly?

Clearly not the Philadelphia Eagles who are trailing 1-3 currently in the NFC East.

Mike Vick looked sad and stated he was frustrated by his situation last night after the Eagles lost 23-24 to the 49ers. Though he attempted to take the blame, it isn't his fault. Vick gives his heart and soul every time he is on that field.
Yes, he complained about the refs not giving him the treatment they do other quarterbacks in the league such as Brady, Manning and Payton but they all have one thing in common and Vick needs to understand where he fits in that equation. Vick surely knows he does not fit the QB criteria, "the all American QB persona". He also needs to understand even with his new hefty contract, that there are people still looking for him to mess up and he still has folks out there that, quite frankly, despise him. So chalk it up Vickmizer, it's a part of the consequence and lesson. Now the Eagles team on the other hand, need to protect THEIR greatest asset- protect your quarterback at all cost. If the Eagles offense was doing their job, he wouldn't have to complain about the refs, but the team that doesn't protect him or seems to not want to come out and give all they have with him, will not only suffer the cost of an injured, phenomenal quarterback but the cost of a shaky season...I hope the Eagles get it together and fast! #TeamVick

Check out Michael Vick's highlight...he continuously WOWS me...

And interview- I love this!

Stupid reporter: "Mike, you guys being 1-3 right now, it's probably one of the more surprising things in the league right now, your feeling walking out of here at 1-3 tonight?"

(I envision Mike Vick saying this as Tony Montana)
Mike Vick: "My feeling? Do I really have to explain that?! Do I really have to explain how I'm feeling right now sitting at 1-3?? You want me to explain that to everybody in here???!!'s frustrating...*sigh*"
*Reporters like that should be pimp slapped! Somebody should have thrown a sneaker at him!!


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