Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thuggin' On The NFL Payroll

On Tuesday, I got up and going into my normal routine, I checked my phone, looked at my Facebook and Twitter only to find the Twitter feeds blowing up about Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker, James Harrison dogging out the NFL commissioner and some teammates including his quarterback. I turn to SportsCenter to listen and what he said, though out of line, didn’t bother me. A lot of NFL athletes hate Commissioner Roger Goodell, just like a lot of NBA athletes despise Commissioner David Stern. As far as I’m concerned both Goodell and Stern know that comes with the territory. I, myself kind of dislike them both very much at times and may not agree with some of their tactics but I would never come out publicly and make such crude, unprofessional, ill advised comments but still so no sweat off my back; it’s Harrison’s career and Harrison’s life…until I saw the August 2011 Men’s Journal Cover that Harrison posed for…and WTH??

Ok, you ranting and calling the commish a devil and a crook and stating if he was on fire, you would not urinate on him is one thing; you posing on a national magazine cover titled “Confessions of an NFL Hitman” with a FN Five-Seven pistol in one hand and a Smith & Wesson 460V revolver in the other is another ball game . Do these dudes know that there are kids that look up to them?? I said the same thing about Gilbert Arenas keeping guns at his work place and pulling them on a colleague. Who does that as a joke? It’s not funny or cute! And then to further show your lack of judgment and care you make a gun gesture into the camera!

I understand that it’s a parents job to parent and a lot of these guys don’t really care or see the influence they have on the youth that follow their sport, music or persona; but in a country where there is a growing amount of lost young men, looking for an out or to belong or are in need of a role model, and you are considered a “public figure” whether you like it or not, whether you take it seriously or not, this “for me” is an issue- a serious issue that’s growing out of control.

After reading some of the article, I felt that Harrison is one of those athletes who feels he has something to prove. A real, live, explosive thug on an NFL payroll and his main focus is to take dudes out of the game, permanently or not! I really don’t think he cares or would be fazed if he crippled a dude or broke a neck where the dude could never play again, that doesn’t seem to register with him. He clearly wants to be known as a badass and that’s what he’s being treated as and now he has a problem with it? I don't get it. So why should I expect him to care if a magazine cover that portrays and utilizes him promoting violence to sell issues can play a relevant role in today’s youth psyche?? I probably shouldn't!!!

Personally, I’m disturbed! It sickens me that he can't see the damage of his actions or words for that matter and I hope that once this lockout is over, that he gets dealt with by his “owner” and the commish. Though sad to admit, the one thing we have been learning through these guys lately is they clearly can’t see past themselves and what’s around them to take responsibility for their own actions let alone consider the ramifications of the actions of anyone else around them or not. It is who they are and that's a character flaw that has been embodied in them since the beginning. No one told them it was wrong then, no one questioned their character along the way, and no one now can effectively make them understand that this is just not what you do.

To check out some of the The August 2011 Men's Journal article on James Harrison go to: or and tell me how you feel about this cover or his statements.


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Field of Drama

When I watched the MLB All Star Game and looked at Prince Fielder, without even thinking twice, I thought about Cecil Fielder. I don’t watch baseball too often and really don’t like watching it on TV but I will watch an All Star Game now and then. I do enjoy the game at the park and preferably not in a box. I like being amidst all the action, seeing that baseball is so slow. Being from Detroit, I remember Cecil. Cecil Fielder spent 7 years in Detroit playing with the Tigers. I attended some of those Tigers games and when watching him in action I would always chuckle when he had a designated runner. I didn’t understand the game of baseball and thought that for him to have a designated runner was kind of cheating. I joked about it all the time. Although Cecil was great at his positions as First Baseman and Designated Hitter, it appears that his off-spring, Prince Fielder, is said to be an even better player.

Cecil hit 245 homeruns and had an RBI of 758 in his 7 years with the Tigers and had a total of 319 homeruns and 1008 RBI’s with a .255 steady batting average in his 17 year career. His son, Prince Fielder, a First Baseman, has been in the league for 7 years playing for the Milwaukee Brewers and currently has 214 total homeruns, a 608 RBI and a batting average of .281 in his 7 year run with the Brewers. One would think that this is a beautiful thing; father and son sharing the passion of the American dream and sport, but not so much. It truly hurt me to have a friend tell me that Cecil and Prince were estranged…so I dug in to figure out why??...

Well, it seems that 1) Cecil and Prince have had issues since Cecil divorced Prince’s mom, Stacy. Stacy brought the kids into the drama of her and Cecil’s relationship and the kids of course took sides. Both Cecil and his wife were very frivolous with their spending and Cecil’s fortune dwindled. 2) Cecil has a gambling problem and gambled Prince’s signing bonus. And 3) each has their own story and Prince clearly has no respect for his father who by the way drug his son to practices and thought him the game.

So who’s right here?? The National League defeated the American League 5-1 and Prince was named the MVP of the 2011 All Star Game and his father was nowhere in sight. Is it me? Or is this absurd? So your father gambled your money…so what! I can see if you couldn’t make it back or didn’t have any more. Clearly both parents were dysfunctional and Prince is a byproduct of that dysfunction. You have kids dude…set an example and get over it! Life is short. If it weren’t for Cecil Fielder, would there even be a Prince Fielder?? This is so sad.