Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Penn State’s Disgraced Code of Ethics

When you think of a teacher, a coach, a school, a college institution and its faculty, you think that your kids are safe; you assume that those teachers, professors, coaches, counselors, administrators are there because well, they must care, right? As a single mother, and an over protective one who threatened to shut down the frat house at the MSU campus if her son or other children decided to pledge a particular fraternity had the fraternity decided to practice unethical methods, I believe that we should ensure that the welfare and wellbeing of our children, as a whole, are in the hands of those that are assuming the responsibility of their care at that moment. You would think that someone would have the moral stance to do the right thing….think again…not so much!

Penn State: There’s a humanitarian and human rights violation here and I for one am holding the entire heads of the institutions faculty responsible.

Someone said to me the other night that they couldn’t understand why the media and majority folks were out for Joe Paterno’s head. They had no idea exactly why Joe Paterno, a very well respected NCAA football coach of the fine collegiate institution of Penn State got fired? Even Ashton Kutcher  (without all the facts) tried to stand up for Paterno on Twitter and was almost virtually slaughtered.

Let me break it down for you twenty-five percenters out here that may not be sport fanatics or may not care for college athletics, this of course has nothing to do with Ashton Kutcher, as not only is he an avid sport fiend but an advocate against child trafficking. So again, this is for you folks out there that just don’t know the complete facts and are not glued to ESPN and News Channels.

As a fan of sports and the Big Ten, I was literally appalled that Joe Paterno, a respectable coach with 46 years of coaching the Penn State Nittany Lions football team didn’t feel the “MORAL OBLIGATION” to protect innocent kids from a predator. Can you imagine, if someone came to you and said, ‘Hey, your assistant coach or whomever, is in the shower with a kid, molesting or sodomizing them..” and you do nothing but tell someone else?? Let’s get this straight, JoePa runs Penn State, period! So don’t tell me that he told the Athletic Director and that’s it; sorry, I expect more from the man who is proclaimed a humanitarian. Paterno was known as a humanitarian…STOP! REALLY??? By whose and what standards?? Because to turn your face and allow this disgusting, vile, disturbing behavior to continue, to me, makes you an accomplice and a coward. Personally, I would flip out!! Not only on Sandusky, but I would see to it that the situation was handled appropriately. Paterno never so much as asked Sandusky if he had a problem, as a matter of fact, Paterno, never asked Sandusky anything! Let me reiterate, The Man, Thee Coach, The MAN that runs Penn State, The Man that has 400 wins under his belt, the man that is worshiped by the entire institution, its faculty and student body, NEVER questioned Sandusky or his inappropriate behavior…EVER!! Joe Paterno was an enabler! He and other Penn State heads, enabled Sandusky to utilize the Second Mile Organization, the Penn State facility and plane for his sick behavior and now Sandusky has been charged with forty (40) counts of sexual abuse of young boys within a 15 year span.
But then again JoePa wouldn’t resign when initially asked by the president and athletic director in 2004 because he claimed that Penn State and the football program were his life. He stated he doesn’t have any other hobbies, except college football and raising money for the institution that he spent the majority of his life in, I guess he felt he may have needed to cover things up. There’s NO WAY Paterno was not aware of all that was going on, starting with the first allegation in 1998.
Yes, 1998, NOT 2002, sparked the very first allegation that Sandusky was having inappropriate interactions with young men (little boys) but no charges were filed and Sandusky was asked to step down as coach and retire. However, he was still involved in the Second Mile Organization and was given “emeritus” status by Penn State, which means he still retained his title at the university and that allowed him to have an office at Penn State and utilize their facilities and plane.
For those of you who don’t know where Penn State is, it is in the middle of nowhere. They are their own community. It’s a bubble and therefore can hide whatever they want and continue to portray the image they’ve managed to display until now.

Bob Costas is one of my favorite journalists and in an interview with Bob Costas last night, Sandusky repeatedly stated that he showered and “horsed around” with several little boys. He stated that he would touch their leg and they jointly showered naked. I wish Costas would have asked Sandusky to define “Horsing Around”… and I wish Sandusky would stop playing the public as Fox News does- like folks are stupid. He kept repeating the “horsing around” because someone caught him, however, it’s too many years too late for a DNA test, no actual DNA of a rape can be proven at this late stage, but the testimonies of these young men are compelling. I also feel that there are more than the eight that came forward. I’m positive there are more, but they probably are ashamed to come forth and probably have tried to block those moments and are in the efforts of moving on with their lives.

As for Sandusky’s attorney, it’s quite fitting that Sandusky would choose an attorney who also lacks moral ethics as he, the attorney, had an affair and impregnated his then 16 year old CLIENT when he was 49 years old and married her 6 years later. But who would represent such a disgusting and sick human being?!

And where is the NCAA in all of this? What do they have to say? Damn, they sure have been mighty quiet. Funny how when a kid is in need of money to eat, go out or maybe even get a tattoo, the very same kids that the NCAA is profiting off of get caught violating any NCAA rules or are accused of misconduct, the NCAA will hop on them and strip them of their accolades and trophies, but when it’s one of their own in the hot seat, they seem to turn the other cheek.  Surely they do not think this is beyond their “boundaries” or out of their hands. These coaches, assistant coaches, athletic directors are branded and honored, not to mention well paid. They are handpicked to make the perspective institution a ton of money and the NCAA is not holding them to anything??? How about a simple Code Of Conduct? Moral Code? Ethics Code? Because in my eyes the entire Penn State administration along with its Athletic Department violated all three. The Penn State Board of Trustees fired President Graham Spanier and Head Coach Joe Paterno on November 8, 2011. I wonder if the NCAA will strip Paterno and the Penn State football program of all accolades from 1998 or 2002 until November 8, 2011?? Though we are aware that the collegiate system is systematically and disturbingly flawed, hopefully the NCAA will do the JUST thing, the RIGHT thing and finally acknowledge the children that have been violated and voiceless all this time and strip Penn State’s Football Program of all accolades and victories for this time period, just as Penn State and its head Athletic Directors and responsible parties in charge have stripped these boys of their youth and innocence. God Bless.

On a comment section in an article by the Huffington Post: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/11/14/jerry-sandusky-interview-_n_1093792.html turamali said: “40 counts against him and this pedophile is out on bail, the judge needs to be brought up ethics charges.”  
And I agree, 1000%!!! 


Bob Costas Full Interview: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wQr4x7yzNxg