Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Washing Away 2015

We're going into a New Year.
What are your plans? What goals will you set? 
Which of your goals did you achieve in 2015?
What will you do differently in 2016? 
Some of us are stuck on the same ride, doing the same thing, with the same people and wonder why we're in the same position. 
Sometimes, just like rebooting a computer, we have to reboot our circumstances and ourselves in order to reprogram our lives. 
Like I've said in the past..
sometimes you have to sit back 
-review your situation 
-release it from your soul 
-in order to restore your spirit

As we near 2016, take a moment and reflect- think about your experiences in 2015- what have they taught you? Did you grow emotionally, mentally and spiritually?
What have you learned through those processes? Think about the people in your life, your family, friends, associates? Are you valued, or just a commodity? Are these people bringing peace and harmony into your life, or chaos and agony? Are they mature enough to acknowledge their errors in order to grow, or shifting the blame and living in a smokescreen?? 

Are/were you in distress? Who caused you to be in distress? Sometimes we think people care, when they don't. Stop making excuses for grown people and bad situations. You have the right to a peaceful and happy life, however, you have to rid yourself of the dead weight and toxic energy. 
Happiness and peace reside in YOU. 
No one can make you happy, and give you peace. People, situations and material things don't bring genuine happiness and peace, these are only temporary filling yet fleeting moments

Think of your situations? Who is/was there? Some people come into our lives to serve themselves- they have an agenda. When you don't serve their agenda, their true colors appear. Let them go. Understand that some people regardless of age, education level, titles, will never grow mentally and spiritually. Recognize that, and let them be. You can't fix those that don't think they're broken. 

Start 2016 by releasing all that has not served you in in a healthy, positive manner in 2015. 
Go where you're valued, and appreciated.
Quit pouring and draining your energy onto people and situations that are only wasting your time. It's okay, we all fall short into thinking certain situations/people are genuine- don't be so hard on yourself, that's life! 
But this is a fresh year, close the chapters on negative and toxic situations. You don't owe anyone an explanation. Process things for yourself. Forgive them, forgive yourself, then release them. This is a new chapter, and you are the author of your story. 
You are the authority over what continues and what stops in your life. 
Who/what you let in, 
who/what you ALLOW to stay, 
and who/what you dismiss. 
If a situation is hard for you to leave, ask God (or whomever you pray to) for guidance and assistance for the strength to walk away. 
And don't be mean, acknowledge it/them, but don't let it/them in your space, wish them well, and release it/them with love. 
TIME is the most expensive asset we have in this world, once gone, we can never get it back, so use it wisely my friends. 
Don't allow anything or anyone to steal your joy, disturb your peace or waste your precious time. 

I hope this new year brings you all that your heart desires, you deserve nothing short of the best. 

~ A2

Friday, July 10, 2015

The Charleston 9 Did Not Die In Vain

Well, the confederate battle flag has finally been removed from the SC State Capital. That's great news! One small step for man, one huge step forward for mankind. What was a part of a painful past to many is now put to rest, figuratively. We can't erase the past or the unfortunate incident that led us here- the Charleston 9 did not die in vain; sometimes it takes a tragedy to move us forward and to bring us together.

However, let us be aware that flags don't kill people, guns don't kill people, religions don't kill people, PEOPLE filled with hate, that are misinformed or have been raised/bred with hate, people with a lack of respect for human life kill people!

Use this unfortunate incident to be a LIGHT and redirect the lost, enlighten the misinformed, and be an example of love to ALL. You don't know the thoughts or upbringing of the people that you encounter day to day. Be KIND. Learn to appreciate the differences in others. Research what you don't understand. No, this world is not a perfect one, and I doubt it will be in our lifetime, but we can be an example of the change we want to see. 

Stop separating yourselves from the Whole. We are ALL connected. Spread LOVE, and Pray for PEACE. 

God Bless Us ALL. 

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Love Jones Charlotte

For those of you that want to hear me recite my poetry in person::: JOIN ME July 13th 9pm-12am 
ivory lounge @ label charlotte

#LoveJonesCLT is back!! 
Chat • Drink • Listen

Love Jones is an event that explores various relationship perspectives of those who are single, in a relationship  or even confused. It serves as a hybrid open forum and lesson of sorts... Spoken word, soothing music interactive games and brief discussions will add for an atmosphere we are sure you will enjoy. 
I hope to see you there... 

Peace, Love & Light, 

Friday, June 12, 2015

Shades of Beauty

I'm not going to call out a country for its hypocrisy. Hypocrisy is a worldwide issue. I don't care if you claim to be a so called Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist or whatever! We all pray to and seek the same Infinite Energy Source. Yet, we judge people by the color of their skin. How do you consider yourself a religious/spiritual  person, yet condemn, judge or think you're better than another person with a different color. God, the Infinite Energy Source, created everything. So you think you're heaven bound because you pray, fast, go to the Mosque, Church, Synagogue or Meditate in the Himalayan Mountains? If you can look at someone, and say something negative in reference to their color or judge them based on their skin color, you're a racist. Period. By judging and looking down at God's work, YOU are not acting God-Like. What you're saying with your racist heart is that God made a mistake. So you might as well stop thinking you're special, perfect or preferred. Beauty of color is in everything. God is a master artist. Look at the butterflies, birds, flowers, animals, sky, oceans, trees...all have various shades. Learn to appreciate all beauty and God's creations. Learn to see people's souls, spirit, and character, that's what defines a person, not their skin color. 
LOVE all. Be KIND to all. Judge NO ONE for any reason, as that is NOT your job. 
And then you just may be considered to enter The Pearly Gates!!  

Peace, Love & Light.

~Amani Abdul aka A2

Friday, May 1, 2015

Chasing Peace: Freeing Your Spirit and Releasing Your Soul

Coming soon my first full book, 
"Chasing Peace: Freeing Your Spirit and Releasing Your Soul"

Earthly life is about Tests & Lessons. This book is about finding your way through those moments by releasing societal changes, long-term conditioned strongholds, and breaking through your multilayered self. 
It breaks down life in a simple format, and shares tools to assist you in looking into your inner self in order to Free Your Spirit and Release Your Soul and uncover the inner Peace lying dormant within you.

Cover design by Mark Dorsey and The Lunchboxx @thelunchboxxapp 

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

One Less Brotha To Deal With


when you drop 
from a smokin' guns pop 
'cause you can't stop 
not scared of no cop 
One Less Brotha To Deal With! 

when you feel as if you're about to fail 
end up in the county jail 
can't make bail 
no one sending you any mail
One Less Brotha To Deal With! 

when you're high as the sky
life's just passin' you by 
while you're livin' a lie 
'cause you think you're that guy
One Less Brotha To Deal With! 

when you find yourself walking around with a frown 
'cause everyone let you down
been stripped of your only crown 
'cause your skin is brown 
One Less Brotha To Deal With! 

*Don't let anyone rob you of your potential for greatness!*

Ⓒ Amani Abdul 2014
Lion's Lair 
Angel Heart Publishing 

Let me start by stating that I don't condone violence. Actions such as what's been transpiring in Baltimore, MD only perpetuate "the stereotype" of hoodlums, thugs and criminals- leading to more misunderstandings, violence, hatered, anger and division. 
But how do we as a society deal with these injustices? One after another? Time and again, you are told YOUR LIFE doesn't matter. YOU ARE OF NO VALUE. Where does it start? How can we end it? Understanding that these actions are not new by any means, but are now being brought to light because they're caught on camera and highlighted through social media. There's a lot of work ahead. We didn't get here overnight, and we can't  solve these issues overnight, let alone by causing havoc in our own communities and neighborhoods. 

There was no plan here. No method to the madness...just destruction.  

Please think before you act/react...
As the poem says, please... don't feed the stereotype and be that statistic and yet, One Less Brotha To Deal With!