Friday, August 22, 2014


I've learned that though true, genuine friendships are rare, when you're in a dark place, sometimes the people you least expect to be there, hold you up.

I've learned, that if you really want to know who your true friends are or who's down for YOU, get involved in politics, or better yet, run for office! 
Politics is a brutal blood sport, and will let you see people for who they truly excuses. 

I've learned that people who are mean-spirited, enjoy it-- the enemy's minions...shrug them off and don't pay them any attention, they're just doing their job.

I've learned that some people will disappoint you...such is life. But, if there's a pattern, and you don't feel those people mean you well, respect or appreciate you, walk is short. Don't allow people to use or drain you. 

I've learned that most people these days are very self serving. Period.

I've learned that some of those that claim they want the best for you, really don't.

I've learned that people will see the tiniest flaw in another, but will not acknowledge the mountain of flaws within themselves.

I've learned that the people judging others, are the ones with the shadiest of characters and the closets full of skeletons.

I've learned that people love to assume what they don't know or understand...there's a name for that--ignorance.

I've learned that people would rather believe what they hear, vs check with the source...followers, not leaders, do this...there's a name for this too--sheep.

This is my peace piece for Friday. 
Have a great weekend peeps.