Friday, June 12, 2015

Shades of Beauty

I'm not going to call out a country for its hypocrisy. Hypocrisy is a worldwide issue. I don't care if you claim to be a so called Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist or whatever! We all pray to and seek the same Infinite Energy Source. Yet, we judge people by the color of their skin. How do you consider yourself a religious/spiritual  person, yet condemn, judge or think you're better than another person with a different color. God, the Infinite Energy Source, created everything. So you think you're heaven bound because you pray, fast, go to the Mosque, Church, Synagogue or Meditate in the Himalayan Mountains? If you can look at someone, and say something negative in reference to their color or judge them based on their skin color, you're a racist. Period. By judging and looking down at God's work, YOU are not acting God-Like. What you're saying with your racist heart is that God made a mistake. So you might as well stop thinking you're special, perfect or preferred. Beauty of color is in everything. God is a master artist. Look at the butterflies, birds, flowers, animals, sky, oceans, trees...all have various shades. Learn to appreciate all beauty and God's creations. Learn to see people's souls, spirit, and character, that's what defines a person, not their skin color. 
LOVE all. Be KIND to all. Judge NO ONE for any reason, as that is NOT your job. 
And then you just may be considered to enter The Pearly Gates!!  

Peace, Love & Light.

~Amani Abdul aka A2

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